Your biggest hurdle to getting good at persuasion...

Updated: Jun 16, 2019

The biggest hurdle to success in persuasion is....what do you 'know to be true' about sales and yourself?

What do you BELIEVE persuasion to be?

How capable do believe you are at becoming a good persuader?

Your brain will naturally look for references to back these beliefs up! Its a self fulfilling prophecy!

The tricky part is that because it is a belief of yours you genuinely think it is true and, therefore, may not even be aware of it or question it.

So the very thing that could make progress much much easier is hidden within your psyche! Now that sucks a bit doesn't it!

What do you do about it?

Ask yourself questions like: Life is...... Business is..... I can't get more clients because..... I always [insert result] because I'm too....... [or] not enough....etc etc

It's these thought patterns i.e. beliefs that could be stopping you from seeing the very solution you need the most.

Are you a master persuader in training or do you just hate 'begging for business'?

Is persuasion equal to service or being pushy?

Are you on your way to building a business that is a 'well oiled machine' or are you in position where you've hit a glass ceiling in growth?

What you believe will dictate what you notice in business and life.......believe it or not!!

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