How to create a real connection in this digital world

In today's environment we have an unprecedented ability to get in front of our prospects and yet, few of us are using it to its fullest potential.

We also have the ability to reach a much wider audience and create trust building content that we create once and works FOR US over and over again!

Social Selling is all about building trust and being seen as an authority. There are few factors to consider when looking at building a Social Selling campaign:

  • What are your target audiences biggest pain points?

  • What are they interested in?

  • What might they be intrigued by? (Our brain is programmed to look out for danger signals and things that might intrigue us)

  • What do you genuinely have in common with them?

If you can align your interests with your audience then that is something you can genuinely have in common with them and, therefore, increase the feeling of trust and likability. We like those that are like us.

Developing consistency with your message and actions can also help with building the trust factor. Stephen Covey, author of The Speed of Trust talks about a 3 step process to accelerate the trust building process.

  1. Declare your intent and tell them why you’re doing what you do

  2. Signal your behaviour - tell them what you’re going to do. Have an open agenda

  3. Do what you say you’re going to do - deliver on your promises

Authority is built by being at least one step ahead of your audience in their growth and being able to offer them real solutions to their problems and/or queries. First you need to be aware of what their biggest problems are and the quickest way to find this out is to ask! I’d suggest going through the 3 steps above to help with this too. Let them know you’re looking for ways to offer more value to your clients and would like some help in doing that and then, follow through, do what you said you’d do.

Digital Selling on the other hand, whilst being extremely convenient and effectively making the world a lot smaller, does have its drawbacks. If all your clients ever know of you is a head on a laptop screen it can be difficult to build that emotional bond that can often lead to the customer loyalty we all value so highly.

This is where it pays to be creative whilst remembering why people buy.

We all buy to remove cognitive dissonance which is a fancy way of saying the difference between where we are where we want to be. Be the bridge between the two and spell it out for them and the natural progression will be to buy from you.

Secondly, we buy again and again because a company or professional makes us feel like we belong, we are significant and provides us with a way to contribute in one form or another. These feelings are closely linked with our needs as a human. They are very powerful and we are always on the lookout to feel them wherever we can. 

So by all means use digital resources to provide a higher level of service whether that be through convenience or a faster response time etc. However, you must also be aware that you must balance that out with creative ways to make your prospects and clients feel like they are part of your tribe (Belonging), they are important you and your company (Significance) and help them find ways to improve their business and/or network so that they feel a genuine sense of contribution then you will not only build loyalty but also separate yourself from all your competition.

Do your clients become part of a tribe once they purchase from you? This might be a Facebook Group, a weekly/monthly group call, private events, special discounts, networking opportunities etc.

How are you making sure your clients and prospects feel significant? This could be as simple as listening to them and responding with relevance, not talking over them, listening to something they’re interested in and sending them a gift related to it, remembering their interests. Here’s a short story as an example, a few years ago my wife and I were interviewing Builders because we were about to build two houses side by side. Out of the 4 Builders we sat down with 3 of them barely looked at my wife and mostly talked with me! Now how significant do you think that made my wife feel and how excited do you think I am to work with someone that barely acknowledges my wife?! That slight oversight on their part could’ve cost them over $1.5M!!!

Are you making your clients aware of all the ways they can use your product or service to contribute to their family, friends, company or their own clients? Brainstorm some ways and be sure to bring them up in conversation.

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