Do More, Stress Less!

Are you caught in the trap of busyness and still not getting ‘enough’ done?

I’ve recently made some leaps in my productivity and feel so much more chilled throughout the day.

Last week I actually caught myself thinking I had been ‘bludging’ for most of the day but when I thought through what I’d done I have completed everything I wanted to, had some great time with my son and cruised through a stress free day! Winning!

I’m finding a lot of productivity, at its core, is counterintuitive or maybe we’ve just been sold the wrong strategy for too long? It’s not like when you look around most people are regularly achieving a fulfilling day and hitting their targets, is it?!.

So what have I been doing, you ask?

Well, a few things really. The first and biggest thing would have to be meditation. This has a massively powerful accumulative effect in lowering your average stress level moment to moment. I end my meditation with some visualization meaning I picture exactly where I want my life to be and who I want to be. I feel I’m laying out the path for life to take me down. Sometimes I get the wonderful realization that I am very close to my ideal day and lifestyle.

I’ve also realized that my habit of rushing from one appointment to another and being a ‘man on a mission’ really doesn’t save me any time and just made me feel rushed and stressed all the time! A small thing but these seemingly minor things have all added up. Instead I consciously walk just a little slower and take the time (even if it’s only a moment or two) to take in my surroundings and enjoy the moment. There is always a reason to be grateful and just be present…...remember the ONLY time you have is now!

I’ve recognized I have been running a very sophisticated strategy to avoid failure and feel important. I’ve been trying to do everything at once and start on every dream right now. If I try 6 things at once and fail, I always have the reason that I was doing too much at once and that's why I failed, not that I just wasn’t good enough, committed enough or maybe even skilled enough.

We all want to protect our ego, feel important and succeed without actually taking the risk of failure and will create some pretty covert strategies to avoid failure or maybe for its the fear of success.

So I’ve recognised this strategy as one that isn’t serving me and cut back on a lot of my projects and doubled down on the most important. This process has also highlighted my complete lack of patience i.e. I want to get all my projects underway asap so that they can build momentum and ‘pay off’ asap. When, in reality, because I try to take on too much I don’t get any of the projects up and running properly resulting in less getting done!

So then this lovely little realisation brought up another counterproductive strategy I was running, let’s call it the ’I’ll be happy when_____________’ strategy.

This one is prevalent in today's society. Most marketing we are bombarded with attempts to confirm what we already suspected…….once we get that new job, car, raise THEN we’ll be happy. And then when we reach that goal we realise its not all its cracked up to be so we think it’s the NEXT one that will finally make us happy.

None of it will! Happiness is a gift you give yourself in the RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW! You can work towards accomplishments but you can’t work towards happiness. Embrace the journey and happily achieve instead of achieving to be happy.

OK I know what you’re thinking, if I just let myself be happy now I’ll lose my drive and I NEED my drive.

Striving to be happy is one form of fuel but not the only one. Being happy with who you are and creating from that place and wanting to inspire others to do the same is a much more sustainable and efficient fuel source that I strongly suggest you try.

I came to the harsh realisation about a year ago that if I died right now I wouldn't be happy with how the last couple of years had gone! I had never felt that way before. I had always felt that if now was my time then I’d had a good run and, although I wouldn’t like to go at this stage, I felt I had made the most of the time I’d had here.

The reason I wasn’t happy how the last couple of years had gone was because I had spent most of them living in the future and telling myself ‘I’d be happy when my business got to a certain stage or I had X amount of money in the bank’ etc.

Ridding myself of this habit has made a massive impact on my quality of living, MASSIVE! I am able to handle so much more in my life and enjoy a daily feeling of calm and appreciation.

I believe a large part of productivity is about being able to access the states that enable you to work in an effective manner and to be happy and calm when everyone else around you is rushing about is one handy skill to have.

There are some other productivity strategies I use that truly help me and are best utilized when built on the foundation mentioned above. I am always wanting to get the most out of my days and life so I spent a fair amount of time researching what the top performers were doing to get so much done and build a run 2 or more companies.

I researched Tim Ferris, Tony Robbins, Oprah Winfrey, Rory Vaden, Stefan

James from Project Life Mastery, David Allen, Brian Tracy, Mel Robbins,

Jordan Peterson, Robin Sharma and Gary Vaynerchuk and looked for the things they were all doing. I wanted to know what commonalities they had and figured that would be a great place to start to get the most out of my days.

I distilled it all down to 10 habits and if you’d like to get a copy I’ll need you to do 2 things:

  1. Promise to actually implement at least 3 - 4 of the habits.

  2. Email me at and I’ll send you a copy

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