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The Most Powerful and Most Often Overlooked Factor to Closing Twice As Many Deals, Authentically!

Nobody likes to be sold but everyone likes to buy! There is a powerful factor within the sales community that Master Persuaders are aware of but only very few Sales Trainers address. Its not about saying the right line or presenting your product in the most attractive manner its so much more than that. Click the button below and I'll unpack my system for turning you into a Master Persuader.

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The Game Changer system consists of 3 phases:


Chris, GM

The age old adage is 'you don't know what you don't know' and it was only after engaging Game Changing Persuasion that we truly grasped how many areas there are that we can improve.  You systematically uncovered many other areas that needed work - and helped us work them out.


Helen, Accountant

I would like to say thank you for the training, it has opened my mind to what sales really is. It has helped me to clarify what I am selling and I am not afraid and uncomfortable of the process anymore.”

Karen, Home Builder

What Steve does is so much more than just sales training! We set a goal to bring in $800k in renovation income in 6 months. At the time I thought it was pretty unlikely but when I added up our revenue after 5 months of training we had exceeded it!!


Influence of Self

We'll show you how to become a driven professional that consistently executes on high value tasks and shows up in a way that builds trust and makes prospects gravitate towards you! It's about being the person people want to buy from.


Buying Psychology

To truly influence someone you must know the buying process they need go through so we show you the psychology of buying so you can respectfully influence your prospects


Influence of Others


How do you help someone through their buying process in a way that enables them to feel comfortable and so that they end up convincing you why they should buy and thanking you for the opportunity!

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Business Meeting

Short Online Course

I've recorded 9 short videos to give you a glimpse into who you need to BE to earn the trust and therefore investment from your prospect. This is an often overlooked part of sales and extremely powerful. Your prospect initially is buying you, not your product or service. If they don't like and trust you then you won't get the chance to help them find a solution.

Online Masterclass Series

8 x weekly live Masterclasses to give you everything you need to become a Master Persuader! We'll cover:

  1. How to be consistently driven and passionate about selling

  2. My unique selling system

  3. The Psychology  of Buying - know what your client is thinking throughout the sales process

One on One Sessions

Are you a 'Solo-preneur' or Sales Professional passionately pursuing your mission and need to maximise all conversations with potential clients and don't want to be 'pushy' and 'salesy'? I conduct weekly or fortnightly strategy sessions that you can implement in between sessions and then we unpack your results to take you to the next level.

About Me

I have spent over 15 years in various sales positions from trudging the streets selling door to door in Sydney and London to promotional work in night-clubs and sporting events to high ticket sales within a wide range of industries including seminar, construction, recruitment and advertising. 


I have done the hard yards and experienced the harsh lows of hearing 'no' after 'no' and also experienced the high of working with clients you genuinely like, smashing that budget month after month and growing my department by over 700%!


I have spent the last 20 years in training rooms, reading books, attending seminars, listening to tapes, CD’s and now podcasts. 


There is nothing I have spent more money on than investing in my own personal development especially focusing on the noble profession of Sales. I believe that it's not about 'getting a sale' it's all about being the person that earns your trust and therefore your business.


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