Authentic Persuasion Skills are like a Superpower in Business!

Its about time sales became about service instead of 'getting the sale'!


About Me

I have spent over 15 years in various sales positions from trudging the streets selling door to door in Sydney and London to promotional work in night-clubs and sporting events to high ticket sales within the seminar, construction and advertising industries. 

I have done the hard yards and experienced the harsh lows of hearing 'no' after 'no' and not knowing why 'nothing' is working.

I have also experienced the high of working with clients you genuinely like and enjoy and get a buzz from blowing their mind with outstanding service.  

I have spent countless hours in training rooms, reading books, attending seminars, listening to tapes, CD’s and now podcasts. There is nothing I have spent more money on than investing in my own personal development especially focusing on the noble profession of sales or as I like to say the Martial Arts of business (I'm also a little obsessed with Martial Arts!). 


Human Behaviour Based Approach

Most other sales systems are created by sales people with the aim of finding the most direct line to 'getting the sale'.
Genuine Influence is a methodology for creating a genuine connection and truly finding out what is most important for your potential buyer. Its about giving people the space they need to make a wise decision, not manipulating them into the quickest decision that may or may not be right for them!
This is a much more respectful approach and one that fills your pipeline with people who truly want to be there and are happy to tell all their friends about you!

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Business Meeting

Workshop Series

Do you have a team that need to convert through a respectful conversation with your potential buyers yet don't want to come off as a pushy sales person? Let's get them all together in your office and give them an easy to implement and enjoyable to use sales system that works!

Consulting Program

The maximum benefit from Genuine Influence is gained through the effective implementation of it into your business. Inevitably there will be clunky moments and having a weekly or fortnightly strategy session to make sure this process is smooth and effective is the latest path to exponential business growth.

One on One Sessions

Are you a 'Solo-preneur' or Professional and am passionately pursuing your mission and need to maximise all conversations with potential clients and cannot in anyway come off as a sales person 'after the sale'? Then we can have weekly or fortnightly strategy sessions to train you Genuinely Influence and build a drive of raving fans.

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"A relationship can contain a sale but a sale can't contain a relationship"

Sharon Pearson


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